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Feb 9, 2013 2:00pm EST
georgia and making a legend of himself on the civil-rights trail. he was married to somebody else at that time but as i say i learned a lot by reading all these things. one thing i learned was the told that his brilliant career took on his family. his kids and grandkids are sitting out there. one great grandchild is out there and i think they could tell you better than i, karen whose daughter told me he had been gone so long, they put a sign on the wall that said welcome home, daddy. there were constant telephone threats, constant interruptions, no dinner practically went on without the telephone ringing. sometimes the tips send him out into the night again. there was a serious episode after he broke the story of a police protected lottery ring and the fire engine came screaming to the house in the middle of the night. one time policeman was drawn guns started to approach the house saying they heard a report that he murdered his wife. so there were lots of things that must have been very difficult to live through. another thing that surprised me and shocked me was the patients he
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 12:00pm PST
in georgia set to die three and a half hours from now in the middle of fox report. his attorneys are trying to save his life. they say executing him would violate the united states constitution. the reason? he's mentally retarded. the life or death cliffhanger and what the supreme court may do ... coming up. >>> plus a rejaw-droppindroppin. did you see this? right on an airport tarmac. this thing was crazy sophisticated. robbers took $50 million in diamonds from a plane. a passenger never saw a thing. they never fired a shot, in, out, 50 million richer. how did you do that? ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program. you're right. it was affordable, and we were guaranteed acceptance. guaranteed acceptance? it means you can't be turned down because of your health. you don't have to take a physical or answer any health questions. they don't
Feb 15, 2013 8:00am PST
the blues. >> [applause]. >> the book was published this year by the university of georgia press. it is available at the back of the auditorium this afternoon. it is called blood ties and brown liquor. and he is also been the finalist for the 2006 poetry prize. please, join me in welcoming mr. sean hill. [applause]. >> i want to read from blood and brown liquor today. this book is about my home town in georgia. it's also where [inaudible] is from. and i started researching the history of [inaudible] and sort of fell into the history of black people there because it was not taught in school. so -- in order to write about the history i had to invent a character to explore this history. the character's name is si loss wright. >> first poem i will read is titled silos write at age 71914. it's about silos follows a fishing riggel in the shallows. he describes the line in his tablet as much pride in that line as a man and his son. he giggles and goes on. the next letters come easy. with this he will have more than a mark to bind. rambling across the page again and again in messy rows
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm EST
gambling parlors in savannah, police-protected whorehouses in alt thins, marriage mills in south georgia, state payroll padding, 'em embezzlement of tax funds, nepotism, purchasing schemes such as the time the state bought a bunch of boats with no bottoms for lakes with no water. [laughter] i could go on. many of these, many of these exposes took place during the griffin administration which president carter can well attest was notoriously corrupt. i think it was reader's digest that said never had so many stolen so much. [laughter] but marvin griffin was kind of a forgiving sort of a crook. he, um, he -- quite a few years later he and jack and some other reporters were sitting around drinking, and, um, marvin griffin said to jack, you know how i used to think every time when i'd see you walking into a press conference with a notebook? and jack said, well, what? and he said, i used to think what that beady-eyed son of a bitch has on me today. [laughter] jack left the constitution in 1965 to, um, pursue the civil rights story for the l.a. times. and he was always -- i think we have to wat
Feb 24, 2013 11:15pm EST
half, virginia turns it over. but fortunately so does georgia tech. anderson on the steal. nice pass inside to mitchell. he gets the lay in. virginia led by 12 at the half. in the second half, toby dials one up. mitchell there, he follows with the jam. he had a game high 18 points. virginia pounds georgia tech, 82-54 to improve to 9-5 in sec play. >>> staying in the sec, virginia tech losers of nine in a row hosting florida state today. first half, jumping around, barksdale. rejected in the lane. out to green who sinks his only 3-pointer of the game. led by 2 at the half. second half, florida state rallies. the jam. seminoles cut the deficit to 4. next possession, green drives, pump fake and foul. game high 26 points. virginia tech wins 80-70 for its first win since january 19th. >>> women's hoops, maryland looking to avenge a loss to duke on february 11th. second half, maryland trailed by 17. then they come back. shock clock winding down. thomas, nice to hawkins. terrapins slice the deficit down to 8. two plus minutes left. duke up 11. jones knocks in the 3. she had 15. maryland fal
Jan 31, 2013 5:00pm PST
system brings destructive tornadoes to georgia. let's see. both georgia senators voted against sandy relief. but i'll explain why the constituents of georgia shouldn't have to wait for federal assistance if they need it. >>> and a san francisco 49er is apologizing after his comments about gay players. i'll talk with a former nfl player, wade davis, about the changing attitude toward gay athletes in professional sports. you can listen to my radio show on sirius xm radio channel 127 monday through friday noon to 3:00 p.m. certainly we want you to share your thoughts with us on our facebook and on twitter using the hashtag edshow. and we are coming right back. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >>> welcome back to "the ed show." democrats either swim or get eaten up in the world c
Feb 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
instructions. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognized for one hour. mr. woodall: thank you, mr. speaker. and for the purpose of debate only i'd like to yield the customary 30 minutes to my friend from massachusetts, mr. mcgovern, pending which i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. woodall: during consideration of this resolution, mr. speaker, all time is yielded for the purpose of debate only and i'd like to ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. woodall: thank you, mr. speaker. we're here today, as you heard from the clerk, mr. speaker, on the house resolution 48, which provides a structured rule for consideration of h.r. 444, which is the require a plan act. mr. speaker, this is a resolution that will require that the president, if he doesn't submit a budget that ultimately comes to balance, submit then a supplemental budget that shows how he would bring the budget to balance. as you know,
Feb 6, 2013 1:00am PST
republican congressman from georgia who was already denouncing the president-elect as both a marxist and a nazi. if you think about it, it's kind of a hard thing to pull off simultaneously, right? a marxist and a nazi? look at the time stamp here. november 10th, 2008. congressman paul broun of georgia telling the associated press already at that point that he, quote, fears that president-elect obama will establish a gestapo-like security force to impose a marxist dictatorship. that's exactly what hitler did in nazi germany, and it's exactly what the soviet union did. yes, barack obama still months away from even being sworn in as president at that point. but congressman paul broun was already on him for being both a nazi and a soviet communist. and that kind of set the tone for how congressman paul broun of georgia would handle himself over the next four years. >> i believe this administration wants to destroy the free enterprise system. there is a word for that, socialism. he is a marxist. >> fellow patriots, we have a lot of domestic enemies of the constitution and they're right do
Feb 6, 2013 1:00am EST
of the united states. >> thank you. >> last but not least, the gentleman from georgia is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you. one of the good things about being last is that you get to listen and hear a lot of questions and your a lot of hyperbole -- hear a lot of hyperbole. i have heard a lot of discussion and a lot of well what if we don't do this it will be horrific. i come from northeast georgia. mary agricultural district. it is on the border of atlanta. it is an mixed blessing of the need for immigration and workers and the need for industries, but we also deal with the heart paying tax makers -- heart paying tax payers who are concerned about being fair, open, and honest. they have a deep faith. if the only way you can show your true face is by opening up your arms and forgiving and not having any rules, i believe you can hold both. i'm a lawyer as well. i hold both grace and law. we need to look at that. the question that comes to mind -- for some of this room, we have dealt with it in a way that is still in progress. what can we do as the state because the federal government h
Feb 14, 2013 8:00am PST
stop. he's going to land in georgia any minute where he's going to talk early childhood education. now, back in d.c., his nominee for secretary of defense chuck hagel is at the center of a senate showdown. even senator john mccain now backing away from his no filibuster stance of weeks past. the majority leader harry reid took to the floor of the last hour to make this impassioned plea. >> in less than two hours, our country will be without a secretary of defense. there is never in the history of the country been a filibuster of a defense secretary nominee. never. but it's shocking that my republican colleagues would leave the nation without a fully empowered secretary of defense. >> debate on chuck hagel is not over. i am going to fight the idea of jamming somebody through. i'm going to hit you and keep hitting you. >> every republican there voted against moving the hagel nomination out of committee. there has to be a reason for that. why is it we're having to rush in to the confirmation. >> so just two days after the president's call to action to congress on gun control, nra ceo wayn
Feb 14, 2013 10:00am PST
live pictures from a community center in decatur, georgia, to highlight his proposal to expand pre-k education to 4-year-olds. the top challenge right now facing the white house is the hagel kwimation. they're nowak knowledging today they are losing ground on this the chuck hagel nomination to be secretary of defense. as of right now democrats cannot count on 60 votes to cut off that republican filibuster. tomorrow the vote is spefd to take place to move forward on confirmation if they can get 60 votes. joining me for our daily fix, chris, msnbc contributor and managing editor of post and capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. you're watching it all from up there. what do we know? harry reid was on the floor today talking about it. we know that he needs five republicans to break, and there is a distinction between those who might be willing to vote for cloture to break the filibuster, but would still plan to vote against him when he would only at that point need just 50 to be confirmed, 51 to be confirmed. >> there is a lot of drama in this, andrea, and it gets co
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
is a four-car accident. it's before georgia avenue along the left side of the roadway. we were on the known with maryland state police. they're telling us they need to move the cars to the right shoulder so she may have to close the lanes for a bit westbound 495 you see that slow traffic forming there in silver spring as well. let's take a live look and show what you it looks like first of all at university boulevard. you can see that traffic is jammed here. now we'll go to the next camera shot and if you're planning to head here in new carrollton heading around toward the outer loop and 95, you'll be okay. the brake lights are beginning closer to new hampshire avenue. you saw that heavy traffic at university boulevard. so keep that in mind. here's what did looks like northbound i-95. no issues coming up from dale city to spring field and on to 395. back with more in a few minutes. andrea and mike. >>> the ongoing chandra levy murder mysteries that renewed attention. her murder rocked the district and made national headlines more than a decade ago. >> ingmar guandique is serving 60 years fo
Feb 16, 2013 5:00am PST
murdered two people and is on georgia's death row. we're talking about this guy. everyone from former president carter to even one of the victim's families is in a mad dash to keep this man from being put to death. everyone has thef doing things. at university of phoenix we know learning is no different. so we offer personalized tools and support, that let our students tackle the challenge of going back to school, like they do anything else... their way. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get a
Feb 14, 2013 11:00am EST
. and this time it's off to georgia where he's going to unveil a plan for universal preschool. >> i believe we reward effort and determination with wages that allow working families to raise their kids and get ahead. and -- [ applause ] and that's part of the reason why i said last night it's time for an increase in the minimum wage because if you work full-time, you shouldn't be impoverty. >> but republicans are not wasting time pushing back, saying a hike of the minimum wage has no chance of passing. joining me now is goldie taylor. i will also point out she's a georgia peach and the president is in your neck of the woods today. let me play for you today what marcia blackburn had to say earlier on "the daily rundown" about the president's call for a $9 minimum wage. take a listen. >> i'm not for raising the minimum wage, and this is why, you're going to exclude a lot of younger workers. i'm talking to moms out there, one of their primary concerns is their children no longer have the opportunity to go in and get a job at a training wage or a minimum wage and then be mentored into learning how
FOX News
Feb 13, 2013 2:00am PST
the same thing in georgia and illinois. peter doocy live in washington, thank you. that brings us to our look who is talking. we are hearing from florida senator marco rubio. last night following the president's state of the union it was rubio chosen to give the public response and play out the differences between the two parties. >> my parents immigrated here in pursuit of the opportunity to improve their life and a chance for their children to have a better one. they made it to the middle class. my dad working agz a bartender my mother as a cashier and a made. i didn't inherit any money from them. i inherited something far better the real opportunity to accomplish my dream. raising taxes won't make a better job. that's why i hope the president will abandon his obsession with raising taxes and instead work with us to achieve real growth in our economy. this idea that our problems were caused by a government that was too small is just not true. in fact a major cause of our recent downturn was a housing crisis created reckless government policies and the idea that more taxes and more gove
Feb 24, 2013 6:00pm PST
georgia town that often plays a starring role on the big screen. and oscar pistorius's brother also facing a charge of murder. those stories when the "cbs evening news" continues. ws" continues. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dis
Feb 15, 2013 2:00am PST
would be allow us to get out of town. >> president obama went to georgia to promote his education agenda and spent some quality time with preschoolers. he was also thinking about valentine's day. >> i can't imagine a more romantic way to spend valentine's day. actually, michelle says hello. she made me promise that i would get back in time for our date tonight. that's important. that's important. i will got a gift. got the flowers. the flowers are a little easier because i got this rose garden. >> even with the children in georgia, the president still had washington grid lock on his mind. >> and that whole plane, with others, a trade that we could use more in washington. maybe we need -- maybe we need to bring the teachers up. you know? every once in a while have some quiet time. time-out. >> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> here's your weather with bill karins. >>> good morning, everyone. what you can expect today and your weekend. a little storm to deal with, possibly up in new england. but first things first, travel trouble spots, florida, just rain. soggy morning c
Feb 24, 2013 6:30pm EST
today, virginia hosting georgia tech. looking to avenge an earlier season loss. 1st half, they go inside to justin anderson. the grad all alone for the jam. he had 11 points, virginia up three. later in the 1st half, turned it over. georgia tech's anderson on the steal. nice passing side to akeel mitchell. virginia led by 12 at the half. in the 2nd half, mike toby dials one up, misses but look who's there. mitchell there with the follow slam. he had a game high 18 points. virginia pounds georgia tech, 82-54 to improve to 9-5. >>> freeze and maryland looking to avenge a loss back to duke. 2nd half is where we start. maryland trails by 17. thomas inside to hopkins. the terrapins able to slice the deficit down to 8. two plus minutes left. alexis jones burriss the three. she had 15. maryland falls to duke 79-59. the blue devils have a regular season title. also in men's hoops tonight, virginia tech and florida state under way as we speak at the 28- 26. tech leads. >> thanks, scott. >>> one laserwort. >> well, we've got plenty of sunshine. good news. temperatures on the rise as well we're kee
Feb 14, 2013 1:00pm EST
and the president speaking in decatur, georgia. d ask for its consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report theres. rution. the clerk: house calendar number four, resolved that upon adoption of this resolution, it shall be in order to consider in the house the bill h. reform 273, to eliminate the 2013 statutory payment adjustment for federal employees. all points of order against consideration of the bill are waived. the bill shall be considered as read. all points of order against provisions in the bill are waived. the previous question shall be considered as ordered on the bill and on any amendments thereto to final passage without intervening motion except one, one hour of debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member on the committee of government and oversight reform and two, one motion to recommit. section two, in any recess or adjournment if not -- of not more than three day, if in the opinion of the speaker, the public interest so warrants then the speaker or his designee after consultation with the minority leader may reconvene within th
Feb 6, 2013 10:00am EST
georgia is recognized for 15 seconds. mr. price: thank you, madam chair. madam chair, this is pretty simple stuff. it's what families do across this country, it is what businesses do across this country and that is to make sure they don't spend more than they take in. all this bill does is say to the president, when you bring your budget to the congress, mr. president, let us know when it balances and hopefully it's not never, as he's had the last four years. i yield back. the chair: the gentleman's time has expired. all time for general debate has expired. pursuant to the rule, the bill shall be considered as read for amendment under the five-minute rule and the bill shall be considered read. no amendment to the bill is in order except those printed in house report 112- -- 113-8. each such amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the bill, may be offered only by a member designated in the report, shall be debatable equally divided by a proponent and an opponent and shall not be subject for demand for division of the question. it is now in order to consider amendment num
Feb 9, 2013 11:00pm EST
their outside game. the jumper. he finishes 18. vermont wins 67-55. house and on the road knocks off georgia state. -- towson ioon the road not soft georgia state. tim hardaway jr. the three. michigan takes the lead. wisconsin -- the inbounds to bent rent. are you kidding me? in ot, for 3. he hits it. wisconsin storms the court, of setting michigan it 65-62. the wolverines became the third top three team to lose this week. joe flacco is travel agency has been working overtime since the quarterback won the super bowl mvp. first you went to disney world and then david letterman. today flacco attending fashion week. he was there with his wife. one of the highlights for joe flacco was getting to meet tommy hilfiger. >> met him yesterday. he was such a great guy, such a cool person to meet. seeing his clcothes, it was cool to meet the guy. a lot of opportunities come up u when you win a game like that. it will be fun for the wife. >> lucky for the capitals they are 1/4 in into the season. plenty of time to turn things around after 2-81-start. they erupted against the florida panthers. caps up 1-0
Feb 14, 2013 4:30am EST
and beyond. >> president obama this morning will travel to decatur, georgia tech visit pre-k students and then speak at a recreation center. is afternoon he returns to the white house to take part in a fireside hang out on google+ to discuss a state of the union address and to interact. it starts at 4:50 p.m. and will be streamed live on the white house web site for along with his youtube and google+ pages. >> the postal service puts congress in an interesting predicament with its decision to end saturday delivery. >> can possible merger between u.s. airways and american. linda bell joining us from bloomberg headquarters in new york. anne valentine data you. >> happy valentine's day. looks like it's finally nearing an end. directors have voted on the merger approved $11 billion deal yesterday. this sets the stage for an announcement later today. the combined airline will fly under the american name while the ceo of u.s. airways will be the ceo. the postal service decision to stop saturday mail is getting complicated. congress needs to agree on most of the changes. the postmaster gener
Feb 16, 2013 6:00pm EST
and they did, 90- 86. george mason this evening welcoming georgia state. mason got blitzed. he scores the hard way. georgia state wins 78-60. their first whenever -- their first win ever at george mason. raw files soriano, one of the last to arrive after working out some of these issues. they are determined to have a pocket full year -- have a good full year. >> stephen strasbourg went to all the exercises to do with the other stars. when i caught up with him, one- on-one, he said his personal goal was to pitch at least 200 innings. even his manager tells you that that attitude alone will do wonders to help his game >> -- is game. >> shutting down hurt him as much as anything. he looks great. >> i think it will be a fine year. hopefully, all of the offseason work i put in will pay off and i can step up to the challenge and be the guy in the rotation. >> strasburg said he needs to work on a few mechanical issues and wants to eliminate time between pitches so that base runners don't get the best of him. but one thing will stay the same. he will keep watching a lot of golf to avoid what the pund
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
georgia avenue. delays are growing. here's a live look at university. you see piled high. the situation this -- once you get closer to georgia avenue, you'll see two left lanes blocked. reportedly four vehicles involved in the crash. we'll show you new hampshire avenue because now just a moment ago as i was walking out, i hardly saw any cars. now you can start to see the congestion is growing. i'm back in ten minutes with an update. >> thank you. >>> 6:02. later today, the man convicted of killing chandra levy will appear in a d.c. courtroom. we're still trying to get to the bottom of what this hearing is b. here's what we can tell you -- we know the convicted killer, ingmar guandique is, heading here from alabama. there have been two other closed door hearings in recent months to discuss the credibility of a witness in guandique's trial. we don't know if that's the man that testified that guandique confessed to killing levy while in prison on an unrelated conviction. >>> new, a raging fire forces two people from their home this happened after midnight on dower drive in silver spring. w
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 2:00am PST
and creeks shutting down this road in georgia. let's check in with maria molina for an update. >> acoulds portions of the southeast we have had to deal with severe weather around the last couple days now we are seeing flooding being a concern. not just yesterday but today into tomorrow. we will continue to have to deal with heavy thunderstorms across portions of the carolina, georgia, alabama, mississippi even into portions of louisiana out here through out the day today. we have flash flood watching in effect and flood warnings. there is a possibility to see more severe weather. it is sort of the panhandle southern portions of alabama southeastern louisiana including the city of new orleans. any one out there needs to pay attention to what's going on with the weather. tornadoes will be possible through out the day. they will be through out portions of texas and oklahoma and we could be seeing out here as much as a foot of snow. there is a winter storm warning in effect. we have snow coming down northeastern colorado and texas panhandle. snowfall temperatures will be seeing the snow into
Jan 31, 2013 5:30pm PST
, georgia. a 14-year-old student shot in the head at price middle school this afternoon, one person in police custody. and then, of course, there's the city of chicago. more people killed there last year than american troops killed in afghanistan. more than 40 gun murders so far just this year, and today they announced a new strategy. nbc's kevin tibbles starts us off from there tonight. good evening. >> brian, 2013 is barely a month old and already 42 murders in the city of chicago. the latest has galvanized this city into taking action. >> no one gets a pass. >> reporter: today, chicago city officials went on the offensive. taking aim at gun violence by calling for background checks on gun buyers. >> loss of any child, in any community, in this city, is a loss to the entire city. reporter: moving 200 more officers from behind their desks to the streets. >> if i have to put a policeman here, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365, we're going to make a point that this territory belongs to the community. >> i'm hadiya, year 2015. >> reporter: the victims have names and families. 15-year
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
college park the crash is after 29/colesville road but before georgia ave. two lanes are blocked. we are backed up to new hampshire ave. no problems on the rest of the beltway. >> thanks so much. maryland state police found a man who was hit by a car in bowie. the 39-year-old was walking north in the southbound lanes of 301. it was a little after 1:00 a.m. and the driver stayed at the scene and the investigation continues this morning. >> iranian state tv is broadcasting a video allegedly taken from the cia r2-1 70 drone that they claimed to have captured. they say this shows an airport and the drone landing. there is also footage of where it crash landed. iran says it took control of the drone and u.s. officials say had malfunctioned. this latest claim comes just after the u.s. drone program is falling under heavy scrutiny. >> lawmakers will grow the man obama picked to be the next day a director. john gonzales has more. >> the big issue here on capitol hill today will be the u.s. drones that killed thousands of tourists but have taken the lives of more than 300 civilians. president
Feb 7, 2013 6:00am EST
with the outer loop of the beltway as you approach georgia avenue, the two left lanes, delays leaving 95 college park around that accident scene. no issues reported north on 395. northbound 95, a delay. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> thank you. new this morning, a man crossing route 301 was kill bid a car -- killed by a car. route 301 near pointer ridge drive is back open now. it happened just before 1:00 in the morning. the man was not in the crosswalk at the time. >>> also new today, police need your help finding an elderly man who is missing. this is the 83-year-old who was last seen around yesterday morning. at the time, he was wearing a coat and blue pants. >>> the big story today is a busy day on capitol hill. the confirmation hearing for president obama's new cia directer starts today. >> one issue that is threatened to derail his confirmation was avoided. president obama agreed to congressional demands and will release a secret memo on the killing of americans overseas. it provides legal basis for a drone strike. he played a part. >> it was used very minimumly by pre
FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
: this is the fox report. tonight, a death row inmate scheduled to die this hour in georgia, his lawyers argue he is mentally disabled and moments ago a major development. plus, prosecutors outline their case against the blade runner, oscar pistorius. why exactly did he kill his girlfriend? they say he strapped on his prosthetic leg and shot his girlfriend in cold blood, but his lawyers say that is not how it went down. this is what was all just a tragic accident. now, a model's family mourns. and an olympic athlete cried tears of his own in court. plus sea thieves ripping off piles of diamonds in a dramatic airport heist. tonight how they confronted the guard and escaped without firing shots. the horse that doesn't like to be locked up. >> she wants out of her stall and into the barn. >> shep: tonight the houdini horse of michigan but first from fox, a question -- why more mr. world class athlete, why did you shoot your girlfriend four times and kill her. today an answer and lots of tears in court from oscar pi pis for just as he denied murdered his girlfriend premeditated as prosecutors allege.
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